Tom Brady on Patriots Contract Extension, ‘Just Win’

Tom Brady's official fan page on Facebook released the message, “Just win” after news broke the Patriots and its star quarterback agreed to a 3-year, $27 million contract extension.

On Monday, news broke the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady agreed to a 3-year, $27 million contract extension that would keep the future Hall of Famer in nearby Foxborough through the 2017 season.

On Tuesday, the NFL and local media remain abuzz over Brady’s contract with the popular debate sparking from one simple question, “Why?”

Why did Brady sign the contract extension now? Why did he agree to take half his market value in the last three years of his extended deal when he will be 38, 39 and 40 years old?

Brady, via his official fan page on Facebook, offered an answer shortly after news of the contract extension broke Monday.

“Just win,” the Facebook status read.

The message supports the notion that Brady struck the deal to provide the Patriots with salary cap relief that would in turn help the team financially to strengthen its roster and/or go “all in” to win a Super Bowl championship over the next five years.

But there’s likely more to it than that, which has been the topic of discussion - and debate - Tuesday amongst local radio hosts and NFL media. The question heavily being debated is whether Brady really did the Patriots a favor by signing the three-year contract extension or does it just appear that way because it’s below his current market value?

Regardless of countless opinions flying around local airwaves Tuesday, the facts behind why Brady agreed to this deal appear simple:

  • This contract all but guarantees Brady will end his career in New England. This deal now keeps Brady in Foxborough until he is 40 years old.
  • Patriots save $15 million in salary cap dollars for 2013 and 2014

Some believe this deal could help the Patriots re-sign Brady’s longtime friend and favorite receiver, We Welker to a long-term deal. Others believe it makes the team serious players in free agency to upgrade its defense by bringing in veterans like Dwight Freeney, Ed Reed or Charles Woodson.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King was first to report Brady’s contract extension Monday and offered the following via Patriots Football Weekly blog:

“Brady will receive guaranteed salaries each of the next three seasons and receive much of the money in “chunk of a bonus right now” according to King. “So, Brady receives plenty of money up front while adding $27 million on the back end when he will be approaching his 40s. Most importantly for the Patriots, they get their quarterback locked up probably for the rest of his career while garnering important salary cap relief.”

To read the PFW Blog in its entirety, click here.

On Tuesday, King took a closer look at Brady's contract extension. Click here to watch the video on SI.com. 

What do you think?

  • Did Tom Brady really do the Patriots a favor with this contract extension or does it just appear that way?
  • Some say Brady did not sacrifice anything by agreeing to a contract extension with the Patriots while others say he left money and leverage on the table to help the team win now. What do you think?
  • Who would you like to see the Patriots sign with the money saved from Brady's extension? 

Let us know in the comments section below!


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