Woman Suing Stonehill Never Brought Sex Allegations Forward While Student

Friends of accused roommate coming to her defense

By Jessica Kennedy

Summit Editor

Stonehill College officials say the woman who claimed in a federal suit that her roommate’s sexual behavior led to the deterioration of her mental health never brought those allegations up while a student, according to school officials and a document filed in court.

Former Stonehill College student Lindsay Blankmeyer filed a lawsuit against the school in U.S. District Court in Boston Feb. 29, demanding $150,000 in damages, alleging college staff did nothing to help her with her roommate problems. She alleged in her lawsuit that the college violated the Fair Housing Act, state anti-discrimination laws and the federal Rehabilitation Act.

Stonehill spokeswoman Kristen Magda, in a prepared statement, said at no time did Blankmeyer tell staff she was concerned about her roommate’s alleged sexual activity.

“The College responded swiftly and professionally to the concerns of the student in this case, seeking to help resolve the matter,” according to the statement.  “The issues between the student and her roommate were first attempted to be resolved through mediation with a residence director. The student was then presented with multiple options for housing on campus, including a private room. The College also made special arrangements for the student to complete her degree while living at home. At no time did the student notify College staff that her concerns involved sexual activity by her roommate.”

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Bill "The Swede" Anderson March 06, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Now wait a second. The last article on this said her name was Blankmaker, here it says Blankmeyer. Which is it? I can not think of a single joke for Blankmeyer.


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