Students Decry King Philip Teacher Layoffs

Students express concern about cuts at King Philip School Committee meeting.

A crowd of students came to the King Philip School Committee meeting Monday night to voice their thoughts on recent teacher layoffs.

High school student council representative Gordon Winget said he was truly upset about the layoffs.

"I'm disappointed as a student and member of this community," he said, speaking about two members of the staff he knew personally who received notices.

Committee Chairman Patrick Francomano said a good deal is still in the air regarding the positions.

"People should understand that many of the positions may be recalled depending on the outcomes of the Norfolk and Plainville town meetings," he said.

Students expressed concern about the layoffs being done by seniority, but committee members said the teachers' contract stipulated that system.

District Superintendent Elizabeth Zielinski said getting approval for the KP budget was a complex process.

"KP is a regional district, which is very different from a municipality," she said. "We have to go to three towns, and get two to vote up the budget."

"We're fighting on town floors, but these towns also have limited resources," she added.

A student present asked if they could do anything to change the situation, and committee members suggested they speak to their parents and other registered voters about raising the matter at the three town meetings.


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