Mansfield High Baseball Team Loses to KP 8-6

After losing the upper hand in the seventh inning, Mansfield loses to King Philip, 8-6.

In what seemed like a solid win for the Mansfield High baseball team, King Philip came back from a two-point deficit at the top of the seventh inning to beat Mansfield, 8-6, Tuesday afternoon.

Mansfield had the lead for the majority of the game, but lost it after a few solid hits from King Philip.

KP's Charlie Harrington knocked in the first run of the game in the first inning, but Mansfield soon answered back. At the bottom of the first inning, Steve Nagle started Mansfield’s run with a  singled, followed by a walk to Steven Wholley.

Andrew Bukarus knocked them both in with a triple to give Mansfield the lead, 2-1.

Michael Farrell brought in Nagle with a leadoff single and James Darragh brought in Farrell with a sacrifice ground ball, giving Mansfield a 4-1 lead.

A quick second inning later, KP shortened Mansfield’s lead with a sacrifice fly out from Matt Aucoin to bring in Cam Walsh and a solid single to bring in James Wallace. Mansfield held on to the lead by one run at the end of the inning.

In the top of the third inning, KP tied it up as Gavin Adams scored.

Mansfield quickly answered with a triple from Steven Wholley, who brough in Chris Buchanan and Matt Bukarus. Mansfield lead again, 6-4.

Mansfield held on to that lead until the seventh inning. Pitcher Adam Blake had pitched the whole game, with a total of 115 pitches, and at this point appeared to be showing signs of fatigue.

Aucoin brought in Walsh for King Philip’s first run. There were already two outs on the board. Dan Rosen hit a double to Aucoin and Harrington, and Mike O’Malley brought in two more runs with a long single to bring the score to 8-6.

Mansfield tried to rally in their last at bat, but was unable to capitalize.

“We put some good at bats in clutch times,” KP Coach Ed Moran said. “That’s been a little bit of a weakness of ours.”

King Philip’s Brian Crafton pitched a total 98 pitches during the game, and was relieved in the seventh inning by James Wallace, who threw 12 pitches.

“It was just our guys being too lackadaisical, and unfortunately that’s the theme around here,” Mansfield head coach Tim Graham said.


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