KP Weathering Tough Winter

District is handling the snowy conditions well.

 Despite the frequent snowstorms this winter, King Philip has not yet surpassed its allotted snow days.

King Philip Superintendent Elizabeth Zielinski said at the KP School Committee meeting Tuesday that the district is in relatively good shape.

"Many schools are already at the June 29 limit," she said. "We've used four out of our five snow days."

Zielinski said the district's main concern would be those items on the schedule affected by the days off, like MCAS.

"There is talk about pushing them back a week," she said, although she added that nothing official has been announced.

She said, if there are a good number of additional snowstorms, she would recommend having school on Good Friday or during the spring break session. She added, though, that the district still has three days to go before they would have to consider such a move.

Committee member Kim Carr said the district's calendar has contributed to keeping it out of trouble.

"It appears the schools that started before Labor Day are in good shape," she said. "It's the schools that started after that aren't."

Zielinski also said the district had its buildings examined to determine if there were any roof concerns.

Paul Schaefer, the district's business administrator, said the roof issues thus far have been minor.

"So far, we've had one minor leak, and that's been taken care of," he said. "The roof drains are open and functioning."

"The melting of the last three days has been helpful," he added.


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