King Philip Middle School Taking Proactive Steps to Prevent Hazing Sensation

After being informed of an incident off of school grounds, King Philip Middle School is taking the steps to make sure it does not happen in school.

As King Philip Middle School recently learned, just because there was an incident outside of school does not mean it has an effect inside of school.

After being informed by parents of an incident outside of school, KP Middle School Principal Susan Gilson wasted little time making sure the particular act in question had little chance being reenacted in the halls of the regional middle school.

The incident in question involved is called rhinoing. To rhino someone means to run up to someone from behind and drive your knee into their lower back. The performing of the act in the KP community is so recent that it was unknown by staff of KPMS. 

“We didn’t even know rhino-ing existed so we were actually happy that one of our parents sent us an email,” Gilson said. “What it did was it enabled us to kinda make it public within our building and create and awareness in terms of what it was.”

While few details are know about the exact incident, it is known is that recently on a local youth sports team, one person drove their knee into the other person’s back. That knee to the back caused a tailbone injury to the victim.

While what happened did not occur on school grounds, KP Middle School has made an effort to education its students to be able to identify it so it can be properly dealt with or prevented.

“We really don’t know a lot if it but we just don’t want to see another injury take place,” Gilson said.

Happy to be informed by a parent about the situation, it is part of the school’s attempt to be proactive when anything new comes up so they have a better understanding of what they are dealing with.

“There always is something new and that is why we work as a community and it truly does take a village all the time, being vigilant about things that are going on,” Gilson said.

jayh October 02, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Rhino-ing, interesting term.


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