Cleanliness and Safety are Top Priority for Foxborough Schools Facilities Manager

Foxborough Schools Facilities Manager, Tony Moussalli, had an introductory meeting with the School Committee Monday.

New Foxborough Schools Facilities Manager Tony Moussalli has 19 years of experience maintaining medical facilities where the building’s cleanliness and safety were his top priority.

Those priorities, which were a focus of Mike O'Leary for the past 11 years before retiring last month, will remain at the top of Moussalli's list as he settles into his new position in Foxborough.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to work with the administration team,” Moussalli said during his introduction to the school committee Monday. “I’m very happy and I look forward to keeping up with what Mike [O’Leary] has done and bring it up to another level and just make it a better place to be … we’ll keep everybody warm and [safe]. That’s what it’s all about.”

Moussalli told the school committee he’s pleased with the current condition of the buildings, which is a credit to O’Leary and he looks forward to maintaining the high standard set by his predecessor.

“It’s a great environment ... places are in great shape,” Moussalli said. “We just got to keep them going.”

O’Leary and Moussalli were able to work together for the past three weeks as part of the district’s transition; an opportunity supported by the school committee that provided many benefits for all involved.

“It was a pleasure having Mike [O’Leary] here for three weeks,” Moussalli said. “We spent some time together and he showed me the ins and outs and it was a great transition.”

Said Bill Yukna, Schools Business Administrator: “I think we were very fortunate to have the School Committee support having whoever we selected to come in and work with [O’Leary] for a few weeks. I know the overlapping salary is always an issue but to be able to put a team together of ingoing and outgoing where you can get the benefits of what the previous person has done.”

Yukna added the district was fortunate to find a candidate with Moussalli’s experience.

“In a lot of ways we were very fortunate in Tony’s background matching a lot of Mike’s previous background before he came to the district,” said Yukna. “Background at the college level in having to do major renovations for a facility and then being in the Andover Public Schools for a couple years was an added plus for us because he understood the purchase side of things and the way we have to react to the public versus being in the private sector.”

Moussalli and administrators agreed it has been a smooth transition thus far.

“It was fun to watch Tony and Mike go [work together those] last three weeks,” Yukna said. “Tony has just continued to move right along. The nice thing to hear from Tony, which I’m sure we all feel this way but you like to get some sort of validation, was after he went through all the facilities he said even though we have projects we are working on … the status of our schools and the condition that they are in is far better than what he’s seen in other districts. I think that’s very important. … Overall, I think it’s been a great transition.”


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