Wrentham Town Water Flushing Begins Next Week

Will you be affected?

Residents are being notified that routine flushing of the water system will begin Tuesday, Oct. 9, and last through Friday between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The areas affected:

  • Shears Street and side streets
  • Streets around Mirror Lake
  • Taunton Street from 391 to 584
  • Beach Street and side streets
  • South Street (Route 1/A)
  • Side streets from Eastside Road to the Plainville town line including Wampanoag Estates and Wrentham Premium Outlets
  • West Street (Route 121) and side streets from Wampum Corner to Sheldon Road

From officials: "Customers are advised that a drop in pressure and some discoloration of the water may occur while the flushing is in progress. If this occurs, you should wait until we are out of the area and then run your water for several minutes and it should clear up. We appreciate your patience and cooperation."

The program runs through the month.

Questions? Call the Water Division at (508)384-5477.


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