Voter Turnout Low in Wrentham

Also see how some of Wrentham's residents are voting and why.

The 2013 town and state primary elections are taking place today in Wrentham, and town clerk Carol Mollica said turnout is, so far, fairly low.

“It’s been kind of slow, not to bad,” she said.

As of noon., there were 1160 ballots with approximately 578 voters, which is about 7.5 percent of the town’s eligible voters. She added it’s a pretty accurate estimation at this point, since most residents have voted in both elections.

“Just about everyone took two ballots, I think only two people so far didn’t,” she said. “I think it’s pretty close.”

This year, Geroge Smith has thrown his hat in the ring again against either Gail Pratt or Joseph Botaish.

Currently, there are two seats available with Smith running against the incumbents.

Resident Greg Tooker said he voted in the town election and the primary.

“I voted for Botaish and George Smith,” he said. “I’ve known Smith a long time, and I thought it might be good to get a little new blood and new ideas. I think he might be able to provide that. Honestly, I wish there were more candidates, but based upon what was available that’s what I decided.”

Tooker said he voted in the Republican Primary for State Rep. Dan Winslow of Norfolk.

“I’m very very impressed with his grasp of the major issues facing this country,” he said. “I liked his position of being a social moderate and a fiscal conservative. It seems like a strange mix, but I think it can be done. It’s time for balance, it’s time to get that pendulum in the middle rather than swinging to the extremes of the arch, which I think brings dissention.”

Barbara Ligon said she voted for incumbent Gail Pratt, because she felt her voice was need on the board.

“In the local election I voted for Gail Pratt,” she said. “I think it’s important to have a female voice in the board of selectman.”

Ligon said she voted in the Republican Primary, which she said was a rare occurrence for her.

“I’ve probably only done this once in my life before this,” she said. “I voted for Dan Winslow, because he’s somewhat of a loose cannon and I kind of like that. I’m not sure I’ll vote for him when it comes down to the actual senate race, but I think he deserves his shot. When I compare him to Ed Markey, I think Markey just goes by the book. I like the passion that Dan Winslow has. Since he was elected to the state legislature, his office has been incredibly responsive when we contact us about solar energy policies.”

Victoria Apsit said she voted for the incumbents for the town election.

“I voted for them because it seems like they’ve been doing a good enough job,” she said.

She said she voted for Ed Markey, mainly because of Stephen Lynch’s voting record.

“Lynch is pro life and he’s for the Keystone Pipeline, I mean I know jobs are important, but the environment goes on forever,” she said. “Talk to those people in Arkansas, who are living with that oil on their property, it’s never going go back to the way it’s supposed to be. We can’t have the oil coming down from Canada that’s not going to go to the United States, it’s just going to get shipped out anyway.”

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