Town of Wrentham Looking to Bring Website Back

Selectmen hear about possible solution for town website.

The Wrentham Board of Selectmen voted to examine ways to build a website, which has been an issue for the town lately.

Town Clerk Carol Mollica said it was important for the town to once again have a functional website.

"It's been down for quite a while," she said. "To meet the 24-hour [meeting] posting requirement, we have to make the trip to the public safety building — it's very inconvenient for us, and it's inconvenient for the public."

Mollica said she had been looking into website options, including a cloud-based system. She said one site, mytowngovernment.org, offered many of the services needed by the town.

"It has a calendar view and a self-running kiosk," she said. "Any member of the public can go in and look at the postings for any of the meetings, and agendas as well. The committees could post virtually anything on this."

Mollica told the board that other nearby towns, including Norfolk, had used the service and were pleased with it.

Board Chairman Joseph Botaish said the town's website committee had been working to find a solution for the town.

Town Administrator William Ketcham suggested the town use multiple methods of posting meetings.

"Just because we purchase software doesn't mean we can't also continue to develop the website, put meetings on the bulletin board or use other methodologies," he said. "I would suggest the board refer this to the website committee."

The board voted to do just that.


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