State Rep Candidates to Blog on Easton Patch

Wondering what the candidates stand for? They'll tell you.


Dear Easton Patch Readers,

Here at Patch, we're always looking for ways to make your life easier.

So, with an upcoming election for State Representative in the 11th Plymouth District, we thought we'd bring the candidates directly into your living room, office or cubicle.

Patch has given all five of the State Rep candidates (Democrat and Republican) the opportunity to blog on our site. We hope that providing each candidate with this platform assists in what is most important: providing our readers with as much information as possible in order to make a well-informed decision come election day.

Please know that each of the State Rep candidates have been given the same opportunity and blogging privilege. They are not speaking for Patch and Patch is not speaking for them. The blogs posted by candidates will only supplement the objective reporting we are already committed to providing and in no way are we endorsing any candidate.

We hope blogging increases the discourse and blogs seen on our site spark important conversations related to issues that affect our every day lives.

Readers will have the opportunity to comment and provide feedback to candidates in our comments section. That said, libelous comments or unwarranted personal attacks on any candidate or anyone else will not be tolerated on this site. Comments will be strictly monitored and removed if necessary. Long story short: keep it clean and keep it related to the issues.

The five candidates you'll hear from include four Democrats and one Republican. , , and are competing for the Democratic nomination while is running unopposed for the Republican nomination.

The seat is currently held by Geraldine Creedon (D-Brockton), . The 11th Plymouth District consists of precincts 1-5 in Easton and all of Ward 1, Ward 3-D, and Ward 7-C and 7-D in Brockton.

Primaries are scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 6 and the general election will be held two months later on Nov. 6.

We hope that by then, all of our readers are as informed as they've ever been for an election.

All the Best,

Patrick Maguire

Editor- Easton Patch


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