Senator Brown Touts Bi-Partisan Credentials at Wrentham Rally

Senator Scott Brown held his final rally before the election Monday night at Lake Pearl Luciano's.

With only the election remaining, the Scott Brown for Senate campaign returned to the Senator’s hometown of Wrentham for their final rally of the campaign before the election at Lake Pearl Luciano’s. Capping off a five-day bus tour of the state, the rally was the last of nine stops that Brown made during the day.

The venue was not unfamiliar for the Wrentham resident. In 2010, Brown’s campaign held a similar event the night before he was elected a US Senator and had hosted previous events for Brown when he was a state representative and state senator.

With State Rep. Dan Winslow warming up the estimated 900 supporters in attendance, the representative for Wrentham and Norfolk was vocal in his support for Brown to start the evening.

“One person in Massachusetts has the guts, the courage, the integrity to lead, and to vote for what’s best for everyone in Massachusetts regardless of party stripe and that is Scott Brown from Wrentham, Massachusetts,” said an enthusiastic Winslow.

Keeping with the campaign’s message of Brown's bi-partisan credentials, Democratic State Rep. Jim Vallee took to the stage in support of Brown and his ability to work with members of both political parties. Vallee, who served with Brown in the National Guard and in the State Legislature, credited Brown with some of his accomplishments in the legislature.

“A lot of my success was because of my good friend Scott Brown. Arm and arm, friend and friend, Scott Brown and I put people over party. Scott and I never thought about each other as Democrats or Republicans. That’s why Scott is a great Senator,” Vallee said.

Brown’s wife Gail Huff followed Valle, praising his ability to work with both Democrats and Republicans in a partisan environment.

“You know what he brings to Washington, you know how important that is. The ability to go down the middle, bring people from both sides and that’s not easy in Washington,” Huff said.

With Brown taking the stage afterwards, the message was simple for the Junior Senator from Massachusetts; don’t stop until the polls close.

“Do not stop. When you get home, get on your email list, you’re Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, get working and get everybody out,” Brown said. “Do not go to bed tomorrow night wishing you’ve done more, it’s not over until 8:01.”

Referring to a recent segment on 60 Minutes where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared in a joint interview that Brown called “uncomfortable,” he explained that his role in Washington was to fight that sort of partisanship and to play the person in the middle. The remark drew a “people over party” chant from the excited crowd of supporters.

“You sent me down there not to be like the others. You sent me down there not to be that partisan ideologue. Not to be down there toeing the party line, you sent me down there to be Scott Brown from Wrentham,” Brown said.

The Senator continued, “You have somebody like me who can go down there and I’ll continue to work for you in that regard or you have somebody who has a little different philosophy and I think you know what that philosophy is.”

With polls showing the race too close to call, Brown does not appear to be concerned with the back and forth in the polling. When asked if the fluctuation in the polls concerned him, he replied that the only poll that he is concern with is on Tuesday at 8:01.

After speaking, Brown spent approximately 90 minutes shaking hands with supporters in the building. Brown will be back in Wrentham this morning to vote.


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