Selectmen Notebook: New No Left Turn Closer to Reality and More.

The Wrentham Board of Selectmen met on September 4 at Town Hall.

The effort to help reduce traffic on Franklin Street on weekday mornings received good news at the September 4 meeting of the Wrentham Board of Selectmen. In an update to the board, Police Chief James Anderson said that the owner of the Dunkin Donuts on Route 140 has agreed to help reduce the congestion in front of the coffees shop after a meeting with Anderson.

With cars trying to get in and out of the parking lot in the morning, the aim would be to have traffic come around from the back of the building down Kendrick and Depot Street to prevent cars from queuing from the parking lot and on to Rt. 140.

While the hardest part will be to educate people according to Botaish, the move would make an area packed with coffee drinkers and once again students heading to King Philip High School a little less crowded.

Chief Anderson was told that the adjustments needed to make the move would take 2-4 weeks.

Sticking with police business, Chief Anderson was given approval by the board to extend a conditional offer of employment to Daniel Morris. Currently a part time P.I. for the Plainville Police and a reserve member of the Norfolk Police, Morris would come to Wrentham as a fully trained officer if he is to accept Chief Anderson's offer.

Despite being months away, the board voted 4-1 to keep Town Hall open until noon on December 24 and for the day on December 31. Currently, clerical workers and the DPW get a half day for Christmas Eve with no such day off for nonunion workers in Town Hall. The vote gave anyone who worked in the building the half day without needed to use vacation time or any sort of personal days.

Selectman Michael Carroll was the only vote in the negative, arguing that the bylaws do not allow for nonunion workers to be given the half day without using a personal day or vacation day.

The warrant for November's town meeting was voted open with the warrant closing on September 18. The board will review the draft on October 2, finalize it on October 16, and post it on October 26.

Benefit Analysis Inc. is the new agency in charge of the town's flexible spending account after a 3-0 vote from the board. Botaish abstained due to a past business relationship with employees of the potential agencies while Kennedy abstained due to a past personal relationship that may result in a bias.

The account which has to be set up by January, 2013, will be available for all town employees. Benifit Analysis Inc. was chosen over Aflac because they could run the account at no cost to the town.

The length of the contract will be one year.


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