Updated: Sears Officially Announces She will Petition For a Recount

The housing authority candidate who lost by two votes may be requesting a recount.

The Housing Authority candidate who lost by two votes at Tuesday's election is petitioning for a recount, she announced Thursday.

Elaine Sears, a driver for the Council on Aging lost to Sandy Conant Tuesday, 377-375. She had said Tuesday evening that she would not request a recount, but changed her mind when many of her supporters asked her to pull a petition, she said.

"I received many calls from my supporters encouraging me to request a recount of the vote because the 2-point margin was so close," she said in a statement Thursday.

Town Clerk Jeremy Gillis said Sears has until next Friday to submit a petition that has at least 10 registered voters per precinct asking for a recount.

"If she returns the petitions and there are sufficient signatures for any/all precincts, I and the Board of Registrars will set a date for the recount," Gillis said in an email message.

Gillis had called the race the closest he had seen in his three years as a Town Clerk. Both candidates split the six precincts 3-3. Conant won precinct two containing housing at Elise Circle and Parker Terrace, which the Housing Authority oversees.

Sears went on her statement to explain the reason she plans to ask for a recount.

"I felt a duty to the residents of Easton who need active and concerned representation on the Housing Authority," she wrote.  "As a bus driver for the seniors for many years I have heard their concerns and their fears. I know what’s needed to bring senior housing up to standard after years of neglect, some of which occurred under the watch of my opponent.... I care deeply about the seniors whom I serve and I would be honored to represent their interests on the Housing Authority."


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