Road Projects Moving Forward on Common, Williams Streets

Selectmen hear reports on road work.

Wrentham selectmen were informed of the progress of road projects on Common Street and Williams Street at their meeting on Tuesday night.

Town Administrator William Ketcham spoke about the projects as part of his report. He said the Common Street work was the more extensive of the two, with work expected to finish before Memorial Day.

"The Common Street project involves placement of sidewalks on both sides of the street," he said. "There's also placement and resetting of curbing along the length of the street."

Ketcham said the project would repave the street surface and revamp the crosswalks.

"The crosswalks will be slightly raised over the rest of the street's surface," he said, adding that their height would be lower than a speed bump.

Ketcham also recommended the board accept a bid of $174,692 for Williams Street road work.

"Williams Street is a straight reclamation," he said. "We are working on some drainage in the area as well, but I believe that's a separate project."

The board accepted the bid, which was put forward by Murray Paving and Reclamation Inc. in Holliston.


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