Rep. Winslow Delivers Fluff and Top 10 List to Save Local Aid

Rep. Dan Winslow said he was kicked off of Governor Patrick's Budget Office when he was delivering the Fluff.

When Governor Deval Patrick announced his plan to cut local aid as part of an effort to close a projected $540 million budget deficit, State Representative Dan Winslow (Norfolk-R) was quick to suggest that the governor go after the “fluff” before going after local aid. 

In a response to the Patrick Administration's statement that there was no fluff in the budget and to create a dialogue to find an alternative solution, Rep. Winslow delivered a pyramid of 10 containers of Marshmallow Fluff and 10 examples of fluff to cut to the Executive Office of Administration and Finance. Each of the 10 proposed ways to help cut the deficit was attached to a tub of Fluff in a Christmas card with a red bow.

After delivering the Fluff, Winslow said he was “basically ejected” from the office by a press liaison.

“My remark was that ‘I’ve been kicked out of better places.’ but the fact is that we’re going to have a debate about budget priorities and I will oppose cuts to local aid until I am confident that there is no more fluff in the state budget,” Winslow said.

Winslow has been vocal about the cuts proposed by the governor and has made several proposed solutions to deal with the deficit in place of the cuts. The 10 suggestions include limiting EBT withdrawals to no more than 40% of the person’s monthly allotment, charging illegal immigrants tuition for public higher education at a cost, and streamlining fraud and subordination claims in the executive branch

“In my view, it’s not enough to disagree with the Governor’s proposed approach.  Instead, we have proposed solutions that achieve the same balanced budget without hurting local services in the first instance.  We have many more good ideas to engage in a constructive dialogue and we hope to begin that conversation,” said Winslow.

As for the fluff, it was sent to the State House News offices before being returned to Rep. Winslow’s office. The Fluff was then returned to Winslow and donated to the New England Center for Homeless Veterans in Boston.

Julie December 14, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Very creative!


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