POLL: Overturn Citizens United Decision?

One of Easton's State Senators is calling for it to be overturned. Do you agree?

State Senator Brian A. Joyce (D-Milton) announced yesterday that he voted for a resolution calling for the United States Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

“We now starting to see the influence unlimited and unchecked corporate donations can have on elections as the cost of running for office skyrockets,” said Joyce. “We cannot allow our Democracy to become an auction house where publicly trusted positions are heavily influenced by the highest bidder. Overturning Citizens United will begin to restore accountability to the process and help ensure our elections are not being influenced by donors who may not even live in the district, let alone the state.”

The Supreme Court's decision said that the government could not prohibit independent political expenditures by corporations and unions.

In Joyce's statement he cited a 7 News and Suffolk University poll in February that revealed that 83 percent of Massachusetts Democrats polled, 73 percent of Massachusetts Republicans and 81 percent of Massachusetts Independents oppose the Supreme Court’s decision.

What do you think, Easton? Do you think the Citizens United decision should be overturned?


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