Planning Board Denies Propane Tanks on Rt. 1

The Planning Board voted 6-0 against the tanks on the grounds that they were not of any benefit to the town of Wrentham.

During the entire discussion, it was evident that the Planning Board did not like what they were hearing about Supreme Energy of Weymouth wanting to install three 30,000 gallon propane tanks at 579 Washington Street on Route 1. After months of work turning the area into a zone for commercial development, the last thing that any of the board members wanted was an eyesore with little, if any benefit to the town.

It came at no surprise at the end of the discussion when the board voted against the project 6-0 on the grounds that it does not benefit the town of Wrentham. The vote kills any chance of Supreme Energy getting the special permits required for such a project.

Representing Supreme Energy was Bob Coluccio of Webb Engineering who came before the board in an effort to sell the plan. According to Coluccio, about 10 trucks a day would enter the property to refill and leave afterwards. All activity concerning the loading of propane onto trucks would take place in a secure area behind a locked fence. Also on the property would be a rest stop for trucks.

“It really concerns me, the mixing of a truck resting area and a propane facility,” board member Gregg McCombs said. “We spent years trying to get the proper zoning developed for Route 1 which we have finally done and I don’t see how this is a good fit. I don’t see how this benefits the town.”

McCombs went on to say “This is the town we’re trying to develop business in and your business is not aiding that.”

At the heart of the issue was the desire to bring business to that area of Route 1 and the potential for the propane tanks to be a deterrent for potential businesses. The board expressed concern that the less than pleasing aesthetics would not help.

With the town voting to turn Route 1 into a zone for commercial development, there is a desire to see some economic growth in the near future. With that desire, it is questionable if the town would want something like propane tanks in that area.

“My issue is where is the town today and where is it going in the future and does this fit where its going in the future? It may fit what’s there now but I’m not sure if it fits where the town of Wrentham and its residents want to go,” board member John Fragola said.

In addition to Fragola’s comments, Planning Board chairman Tom Wrynn was blunt with Coluccio with his assessment of the proposal.

“This is no benefit to the town at all. There is no tax benefit,” Wrynn said.

Aside from any tax revenue the town receives from the property, the tanks would not allow the town to collect any additional taxes from Supreme Energy.

In addition to the 6-0 decision, a friendly amendment was added on by Smith to close discussion and end Supreme Energy’s plan to put the tanks on Route 1.


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