Norfolk's Gump Farms Will See Smiling Faces in Summer

Phase one of construction is set to begin in the spring.


The Norfolk Board of Selectmen heard a progress update from the Community Preservation Committee chair Cyndi Andrade on the Gump Farm property project.

The town purchased the property in 2011, and the town decided to use it as a community area with many different facets.

Andrade said they are in the final planning of the first phase of the project, which she said deals with the field, Kid’s Place and landscaping of the area.

“There will be grassy areas for children to play in,” she said. “There will be grading and making of “rolly polly” hills. It’s really just grading and vegetation.”

She added they hope to send this phase of the project out to bid in 30 days. She said she wants the project to start construction in the spring and be available for at least the end of summer, but she made no guarantees.

“We’re going to bid pretty quick, as soon as we get everything together,” she said.

She and recreation director Ann Proto said the drawings for the kids' playground, which is also nearing completion of planning.

“The final drawings are pretty close,” Proto said.

Proto said the playground is modeled on the town of Norfolk, in that it will have a roundabout, toy trucks and similar architecture based on buildings in the town center.

“This playground is [designed] flat and accessible and uses the land very well,” she said.

Andrade said that the next phase of the project will concern the community garden, but added work has not really started on that phase of the project.

“It will not be available this summer,” she said.

Andrade added they are asking for volunteers to help remove the old playground equipment from the old kid’s place.

“We are welcoming any and all volunteers,” she said.

Selectmen chair James Lehan congradulated the two, saying that the project is worthwhile and beneficial to the town.

“I know you’re smiling and saying how much fun it is, but it was also a lot of work,” he said.


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