MGC Denies Plainridge Slot Parlour in Plainville

According to a statement released by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on Monday, the Plainridge Racecourse has been disqualified in its application for a slot parlor.

The MGC released in their statement many problems they felt were too important to ignore, such as the owners’ inability to present “clear and convincing evidence as to business practices that will likely lead to a successful gaming operation.”

But the report’s main fault with the owners of the course, Ourway Realty LLC., is the fact that former president siphoned at least $1 million in cash from the course’s money room over the course of many years.

The MGC also stated they were uncomfortable with the fact “there appears to have been a culture of fear and concealment pervasive in the operations of Plainridge.”

“The Commission is painfully aware that these decisions impact the lives of many people and that the consequences may be difficult for many of those involved,” Chair of the MGC Steve Crosby said. “But it has always been our commitment to establish that the integrity of this process is our single highest priority. No other considerations will compromise that commitment. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the tremendous work by the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau as well as our many partners in their ongoing efforts on these important matters.”


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