How Well Do You Know the Presidents?

Take our Presidents' Day quiz and then let us know how you scored in the comment section.

As we celebrate Presidents Day, how much to do you know about our presidents? Using an article in the Huffington Post, we came up with these questions. Take the Patch quiz to test your knowledge? How did you do on the 10 questions? Let us know in the comment section.

1. Who was the richest president ever?

2. What were George Washington’s teeth really made of?

3. Who or what had to be removed from Andrew Johnson’s funeral because of swearing?

4. What president entertained his guests at the White House with his violin?

5. Which president was captured by pirates while working as a fisherman?

6. Who was the only president who was a life-long bachelor?

7. Which president had a loaded hoof and was given a ticket for riding his horse too fast?

8. Why he was writing things down, you knew never where this president was lefty or righty?

9. So this was how robo calls started. Who was the first president to use the telephone to campaign?

10. In the "Thanks Dad!" department: What president’s father wrote in a college recommendation that the future leader of the free world was "careless and lacks application"?


1. George Washington had an estimated $525 million and inherited a large amount of money from his wife, Martha’s, father. John F. Kennedy was worth a valued $1 billion, but he never inherited his father’s wealth. If he is elected, Mitt Romney will become the second richest president.

2. Washington’s teeth were made from gold, ivory, lead and animal teeth

3. A parrot

4. John Tyler

5. Millard Filmore

6. James Buchanan never married

7. U.S. Grant

8. James A. Garfield

9. William McKinley

10. Joe Kennedy wrote that about his son, Jack


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