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Frank Lombardi Wins Dist. 26 Race

Democrats Steal the Show in Cranston

Turnout was heavy across Cranston on Election Day, but there were few hiccups according to Registrar Jaclyn Caroulo. The most common problem: people showing up at the wrong polling place unaware it had changed after redistricting. 

City Hall has been swamped with people registering to vote for in the Presidential race. State law allows people to vote for just the President if they register on Election Day. 

Below is our chart of election results. We're parked at City Hall in the canvassing office ready to give you results as they come in. 

Results come out by precinct. Each ward has more than one precinct, which means the vote tally in any column for a ward could change. Once all numbers are in and a clear winner can be declared, the winner's name will appear in Bold.

We'll be updating this chart as soon as results start to come in after 8 p.m.

Keep checking as results come in. You can also follow us on Twitter. Click HERE to follow @CranstonPatch on Twitter.

Early numbers show Frank Lombardi defeating Sean Gately in the Dist. 26 race.

Jeff Gale has unseated Steven Bloom on the School Committee. Stephanie Culhane, Janice Ruggieri and Andrea Iannazzi have won reelection.

Candidate/Race Total City Council Ward 1  Steve Stycos 3,926 Michael Glucksman 1,301 City Council Ward 2 Don Botts 1,867 Diana Gordon 1,252 Joseph Rhodes 1,561 City Council Ward 3 Paul Archetto 2,522 Nicholas Lima 1,120 City Council Ward 4 Mario Aceto 3,543 Mark Collins 2,830 City Council Ward 5 Chris Paplauskas 2,528 Richard Santamaria 3,017 City Council Ward 6 Stacy DiCola 2,171 Michael Favicchio 2,466 City Council Citywide (top 3 win) Robert Pelletier 7,250 Jim Donahue 10,070 Jim Carr 9,087 John Lanni 12,380 Sarah Kales Lee 11,356 Michael Farina 15,018 Leslie Ann Luciano 9,224 School Comm. Ward 1 Jeff Gale 2,627 Steve Bloom 1,361 School Committee Ward 2 Elana Carello-Rabiner 1,361 Stephanie Culhane 2,736 School Committee Ward 5 Jospeh Agresti 1,889 Janice Ruggieri 2,706 Sc. Comm. Ward 6 Andrea Iannazzi 2564 Jay Rosenfield 1869 Senate Dist. 26
Frank Lombardi 6,658 Sean Gately 3,830 House Dist. 18 Mark Stoutzenberger 891 Don Gendron 1,095 Arthur Handy 3,343 House Dist. 15 Bobby Bach 2,631 Nicholas Mattiello 3,659 House Dist. 17  Charles Hooper 1,664 Robert Jacquard 3,940 Senate Dist. 27 Hanna Gallo 5,220 Aram Garabedian 3,842 Robert Lancia 1,191 Senate Dist. 28 Josh Miller 6,611 Robert J. Clarkin 3,003

Cranston voters will elect a new School Committee, City Council and State Senators and Representatives this election. Additionally, a ballot question, known as Local Question 8, asks Cranston voters to approve a $2.5 million bond that would be used to renovate some of the city's parks and recreation facilities. 

Not sure where to vote? You can find your polling place easily by going to the Rhode Island Secretary of State's Web site. It will also tell you what Ward you live in. 

If the SOS's site is down due to traffic today, you can always try Google's tool.

Not sure if your ward changed after redistricting? PDFs of each ward, 1 through 6, are attached to this article.

Here's a breakdown of all Cranston City Council candidates organized by ward.

Ward 1
Steve Stycos
Steve Stycos is a sitting member of the City Council and a Democrat. He has been an advocate for environmental concerns, budgeting and keeping check on development.

Michael Glucksman
Michael Glucksman is an endorsed Republican. He is a lawyer with an office in Warwick and an adjunct professor at Johnson and Wales University.

Ward 2
Don Botts
Don Botts is running as an Independent. His last run for office was in 2010, when he narrowly lost to Peter Palumbo for the Dist. 16 House seat. Botts describes himself as a fiscal conservative and said he will work to keep the budget in check and promote business growth.

Diana Gordon
Diana Gordon is running for City Council for the first time this year. She said she believes small business is the key to the city's success and has been a leader in the Central Cranston Crime Watch, raising awareness about crime and quality of life issues in her district. Many know her as the former owner of Antiques in the Attic in Rolfe Square.

Joseph Rhodes
Joseph Rhodes is running as in Independent for the Ward 2 City Council seat and said he will be a fiscal watchdog and believes the School Committee and City Council can work together to jointly move the city forward.

Ward 3
Paul Archetto
Paul Archetto is a City Council member and looking for his third term in Ward 3. A Democrat, he believes the City Council needs to have a balanced representation to avoid a veto-proof Republican majority. He said creating more local jobs is a big priority.

Nicholas Lima
The endorsed Republican for Ward 3, Nicholas Lima previously served as the chairman of the Tiverton Republican Town Committee and has lived in Cranston since 2007. Although he's still considered a newcomer to the city, he believes he can bring fresh ideas to the city and will support business growth. 

Ward 4
Mario Aceto
Democrat Mario Aceto served on the City Council for several terms before he lost his bid for a citywide seat in 2010. He hopes to return to serving Ward 4 constituents and would try to stop illegal tie-ins to the Cranston sewer system as well as reducing the commercial tax rate and finding other business-growth ideas.

Mark Collins
Mark Collins, a Republican, came within 100 votes of securing a spot on the City Council in 2010. He said he'd put taxpayers first and supports pension reform, improving city finances by reducing the cost of government and some tax credits and business development incentives.

Ward 5
Chris Paplauskas
Chris Paplauskas is a Republican and a newcomer to politics who said he wants to make the city a better place for his children. A manager at Falvey Linen Supply, Paplauskas supports growing the city's commercial base and smaller quality of life issues, like fixing streets and improving some city services. Cutting costs would require consolidation between the city and school district.

Richard Santamaria
Richard Santamaria is an incumbent Democrat finishing up his third term. He has worked closely with people who live in flood prone areas as chairman of the city's Flood Committee. He promises to hold the line on taxes and work to spur more business development.

Ward 6
Stacy DiCola
Stacy DiCola is a Democrat who said she would comb through the budget to look for cost savings that wouldn't directly affect residents. The director of public information at the Secretary of State's office, she said she is a strong believer in open government and transparency.

Michael Favicchio
Michael Favicchio was elected to his first term in 2010 during a wave of new Republicans joining the council on the heels of Mayor Allan W. Fung's landslide victory. Over the past two years, Favicchio said he has tried to keep spending in check and keep his ward safe and clean in response to constituent concerns. He's worked on the issue of minimum housing and worked with city officials to implement and collect fines and streamline the minimum housing appeals process.

Here are the citywide candidates. The Cranston Herald has information on each.

Citywide Candidates
Robert Pelletier (I)
Leslie Ann Luciano (R)
Sarah Kales Lee (D)
John Lanni (D)
Michael Farina (D)
Jim Donahue (R)
Jim Carr (R)

Here's your candidates for Cranston School Committee, sorted by ward. The Cranston Herald has a detailed breakdown of each candidate and some of their views.

Ward 1
Steven Bloom
Jeff Gale

Ward 2
Elana Carello-Rabiner
Stephanie Culhane

Ward 5
Joseph Agresti
Janice Ruggieri

Ward 6
Andrea Iannazzi
Jay Rosenfield

Wards 3 and 4 feature unopposed candidates.

Foxeyroxie15 November 07, 2012 at 11:41 PM
re: School Committee - Ward 2 I can't find a place to post this but I have to wonder why a position in the S.C. is considered "non-partisan". I found it rather odd that on the Saturday before the election, I find a flyer in the door for Ms. Carello that smeared Ms. Culhane. I still have this flyer and lo and behold - at the bottom it was bought & paid for by the Cranston Republican Committee, Bruce Soccoccio. That is "non-partisanship", Ms. Carello??? You don't seek a party affiliation to foot the bill for a non-partisan spot. You pay out of pocket, have a fund-raiser, hold a bake sale but you do NOT affiliate or use the funds of any political party !! I vote the person, not the party in any case. My decision had already been made and the flyer only reaffirmed my choice. Mr. Soccoccio should have known better even if you didn't. I don't 'rejoice' in seeing so many useless incumbents in this State being returned to office but this was a huge boo-boo on the CRC's part.
Foxeyroxie15 November 07, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Congrats to Ms. Culhane who has often used the Patch to make her points and respond to comments.
Cranstonparent November 08, 2012 at 12:30 AM
And also to Ms. Ruggieri for the same reasons!


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