Brown Says He'll be Involved in US Senate Race

Scott Brown isn't talking about his political future, but the state Democrats are acting like he will be a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.


In an exclusive interview on FOX-25 Tuesday night, Wrentham's Scott Brown commented on what his poltical future is,, but he did recently says he's considering a run for Governor of Massachusetts.

In an article in the Boston Herald, though, it sounded like the Democrats think Brown iwill be in the running for Deval Patrick's Governor of Massachusetts position. According to the Herald aricle, Brown says he's considering running for Governor.

“He’s perfectly entitled to run, but I promise you if he does run, and if I ever go up against Scott Brown, if that ever happens, I promise you I won’t be pocket tweeting,” said State Treasurer Steve Grossman in the Boston Herald, responding to strange texts Brown recently sent out. Brown answered the texts questions on the FOX-25, saying he was "pocket tweeting." His daughter, Ayla, was teaching him how to Tweet.

Grossman hasn't committed to whether he will be running for Governor.

“Scott Brown would be a strong candidate for anything he runs for. I think he’s proven that more than once,” said Grossman said the Boston Herald. “I haven’t decided to run yet ... but if I do there will be clear differences between us.”

In the FOX-25 interview, Brown said he will be active in the upcoming Senate, but he isn't supporting any candidate yet. State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Wrentham), a friend of Brown's, and Gabriel Gomez, a Cohasset businessman, are the only declared Republican candidates. Former US Attorney Michael Sullivan (R-Abington) is deciding on whether to run.

"I'm going to let i play out and then I'll get involved," said Brown on FOX-25.

On the Democratic side, both Congressman Ed Markey and Steve Lynch have announced they are running.

"I don't think it's over," said Brown on FOX-25. "Democrats keep taking things for granted.

"I strongly believe you need balance."











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