12 Applications For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Norfolk County

Massachusetts released a list of 181 groups that have applied to operate medical marijuana dispensaries. 

Twelve of those groups want dispensaries in Norfolk County, which includes this area 27 other towns. A maximum of 35 total licenses are allowed under a law voters approved in November legalizing medical marijuana.

While towns cannot outright ban medical marijuana dispensaries, some are exploring zoning restrictions or have ordered moratoriums, according to the Boston Globe.   

What do you think Wrentham, Norfolk and Plainville should do? Would you like a see a medical marijuana dispensary in Wrentham, Norfolk or Plainville or do you think the towns should try to block it? Let us know in in the comments below!
John f caruso August 25, 2013 at 04:02 PM
Before these are allowed in any town are the laws going to be changed to protect the people that take the dope in places that they are not supposed to for example one takes their medicine (dope) outside of the medical facility then they drive away and either hurt some one or kill them. Are they going to say that they were under the effects of the medicine Where is the protection for the people or Do I have to do something to protect my family if it happens to a member of my family I believe in an eye for an eye not turn the other cheek Where is the state legislatures on this or are they cowards ducking the issue


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