Wrentham Police Say Patrol Led to Drug Deal Arrests

Norfolk's Timothy Cullen and Carlos Pena of Providence RI. were arrested for allegedly taking part in a drug deal.



Operating on tips from residents, the Wrentham Police says they broke up an allegeded heroin drug deal Feb. 4 in the west end of town, while on patrol on Summer Street.

In a report released Monday on their department's website, police allegedly saw Timothy Cullen, 25, of Norfolk and Carlos Pena, 29, of Providence, R.I. in involved in a drug deal when they were arrested.

Wrentham Police said Pena was arrested on scene and transported to Norwood Hospital for evaluation. Cullen was also arrested and transported to Wrentham Police Headquarters for booking.

According to the report on their website, Wrentham Police Sergeant James Barrett and Dectective Barry McGrath were on patrol in the area when they allegedlly saw a drug deal in process. Residents had expressed concerns about drug deals being conducted in the area and the arrests were made.


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