Wrentham Police Bust Underage Motel Room Party

Four people are arrested and 27 others are summonsed. Wrentham police say the party involved alcohol and marijuana.

The fun ended abruptly early Saturday morning for 31 people attending an apparent party at the Arbor Inn Motel on Washington Street that Wrentham police say included underage drinking and marijuana use. Police broke up the party shortly after 12 a.m., and arrested four people while another 27 were summonsed.

Police were called to a room in the motel at 900 Washington St. following a noise complaint, according to an incident report filed by David Halloway. He wrote that officers could smell "burnt marijuana" as they approached the room.

"The door to room 38 was open and upon entering, I observed 20-30 people inside the room," Halloway wrote. "I also observed a large number of opened beer containers as well as hard liquor. I noticed there was a table set up in the middle of the room with several cups containing alcohol with a number of ping pong balls. Through my training and experience, I know the tables, cups (w/alcohol) and ping pong balls are used to play a game called 'beer pong.'"

All but two people at the gathering were younger than 21, Halloway wrote. Four were juveniles.

The following people were arrested on suspicion of being minors in possession of alcohol:

  • Robert Ruiz-Poliatano, 19, of Taunton
  • Tevin Bell, 18, of Taunton
  • Ian Goldschmidt, 19, of Mansfield
  • Matthew Hilchey, 18, of Raynham

Marc McGlaughlin, 22, of Raynham and Alyssa Payznot, 22, of Brockton were summonsed on suspicion of furnishing alcohol to minors. Twenty-five others were summonsed on suspicion of being minors in possession of alcohol.

Police say they confiscated a "breathing apparatus used to inhale marijuana," two glass marijuana pipes, a grinder and a small amount of marijuana from the room.


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