Police Arrest Two for Break In and Three More at the Outlets

Two men have been arrested in Wrentham after attempting to break into a house plus and two more were arrested after attempting to shoplift at the Wrentham Outlets.

On August 31, the Wrentham Police asked residents on their official blog to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity after an increase of break ins around the west side of Wrentham. Less that a week later, two men were arrested in the area for attempting to break in to a house.

The Wrentham Police have announced that two men were arrested on various charges on Hillside Drive on September 5.

Police arrested the men after receiving a call about a suspicious vehicle in a nearby driveway nearby. The resident also said that there were two men on the vacant property and that one of them went inside the house.

Shortly afterwards, the men were arrested by Officer Stephen Saulnier, Officer Robert O'Connell and Sergeant James Barrett arrived and detained the men.

Authorities are currently investigating the case but currently do not believe it is related to the other recent break ins on in the west part of town.

Also announced was the arrest of three men wanted for shoplifting at the Timberland store at the Wrentham Premium Outlets on September 5.

Justin Hall and Chris Simms, of Brockton were both arrested after shoplifting at the store and were charged with various offenses. 

After the store called with the report of shoplifting, Officers Stephen Hearon and Todd Schwalbe found the suspects at the outlets who started to run when spotted by the officers. 

One was caught in the parking lot while the other one was found in the woods nearby with assistance from Norfolk and State Police officials.

A third suspect was arrested after stealing a bicycle in an attempt to escape the police. 


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