Suspects Connected to Dunklin' Donuts Robberies Arrested

Both Gregory Mansur, 23 and his wife Amanda Mansur were arrested by the North Attleboro police Thursday afternoon in connection to the recent donut shop robberies

North Attleboro police have arrested two suspects connected to the recent local donut shop robberies after allegedly stopping their attempt to rob a Honey Dew Donuts on Route 1.

Both Gregory Mansur, 23 and his wife Amanda Mansur, 24 were found by the North Attleboro police while allegedly planning to hold up a Honey Dew Donuts on North Attleboro. Gregory Mansur was found with a hypodermic needle containing blood on it which police suspect he was going to be used to help hold up the shop.

The two were in the custody of the police in North Attleboro on Thursday night as they faced questioning concerning the investigation of similar incidents in Plainville, Franklin, and Bellingham.

A warrent for their arrest was announced by the Franklin Police Department yesterday afternoon and the two were arrested only hours afterwards.

For the incidents, Mansur now faces charges including armed robbery, armed robbery while masked, armed assault with intent to rob, and assault by means of a dangerous weapon.


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