Update: Reports: Chemical Spill at KP this Morning

Chemical spill reported at the King Philip High School.

Update: Wrentham Fire Chief Jay McMorrow said the incident this morning involved an amount of sodium acetate and water spilling into an outlet at one of the school's labs.

According to McMorrow, the outlet began to spark and smoke, prompting the department's response. He said the smoke, more than the chemical, was the issue here, and that there were no injuries.

McMorrow said he believed the lab would be closed until an electrician works on the outlet.

Original: The Wrentham Fire Department responded to the King Philip High School this morning for a reported chemical spill.

According to the Sun Chronicle, firefighters were sent out at 8:20am and remained at the school for half an hour. No injuries were reported.

According to reports, the spilled chemical was sodium acetate.

Inquiries have been made with the district and the Wrentham Fire Department.

A reader sent in this email from the school district via our Facebook page:

"This morning there was an incident in one of our science classes. A non hazardous chemical solution spilled into an electrical outlet. Power was immediately shut off. The fire department was called and informed of the incident. The fire department responded and after an investigation determined that the building was safe to occupy. The area has been ventilated but the room in question is off line until the electrical issue is fixed."

Thanks to Wendy Backlund for the submission!


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