Police Report 'Few Problems' During Bruce Springsteen Concert at Gillette Stadium

No arrests reported in Foxborough's police logs from Saturday's Bruce Springsteen concert that drew over 46,000 people.

The Boss returned to Foxborough for the first time since 2008 last Saturday and was greeted by a mostly well-behaved crowd of 46,700 at Gillette Stadium, according to Foxborough Police.

The crowd at last weekend’s Bruce Springsteen concert, according to police, presented "few problems." No arrests were reported in the Foxborough Police logs and 64 people were taken into protective custody.

The Sun Chronicle, however, reported two concertgoers who were originally taken into protective custody were later arrested after police were notified the two individuals were also placed into protective custody during last summer's New England Country Music Festival.

The two individuals were each charged with trespassing and banned from all future events at , according to the Chronicle.

To read the Chronicle's full story, click here.

A busy month for Foxborough Police at Gillette Stadium will conclude this weekend with two New England Country Music Festival shows. Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and Jake Owen will take the Gillette Stadium stage as part of the "Brothers in the Sun" tour on Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August. 25.

After the weekend, police will have a three-week break from major stadium events until the New England Patriots regular season home opener against the Arizona Cardinals on September 16.

tim dutton August 22, 2012 at 03:03 PM
The security surrounding these events are vigilantes. So are the Foxboro police. My girl friend was nabbed for barely stumbling in the ticket line, breathalyzed, handcuffed and detained for nothing more than having a good time. I was told to move on or join her. I joined her. For the next 6 hours I received inhumane treatment that the Foxboro police all to enjoyed. Law suit coming. The only motivation I can see from this vigilante behavior by security and police is an attempt to justify their overtime salaries. They have to round up enough individuals to justify the overstaffed event. Protective custody is a joke. I was detained in a cell with a man who had spent one year in jail for attempted murder for stabbing someone 8 times. There were plenty of other innocent people like me in this lockup. tdttn@yahoo.com


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