Parents Say Kraft 'Partly to Blame' for Death of Two Women in 2008 Crash

The family of a young woman killed in a 2008 car crash following a Country Music Festival concert at Gillette Stadium has filed a lawsuit against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, claiming he is "partly responsible" for the tragedy.

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DEDHAM - Parents of Debra Davis appeared in Dedham District Court last week claiming New England Patriots CEO and owner Robert Kraft is "partly responsible" for the death of their daughter and one of their daughter's friends following a car crash after the 2008 New England Country Music Festival at Gillette Stadium, according to 7News.

Davis and her friend, Alexa Latteo, were reportedly leaving the 2008 Country Music Festival when the vehicle they were traveling in crashed into a tree. Both women were killed. An autopsy later showed the two underage women, were drunk, allegedly from a day of drinking in the parking lot of Gillette Stadium prior to the 2008 country music festival, according to 7News.

Lawyers for the victims' families said in court last Tuesday that as the owner of Gillette Stadium, Kraft "is responsible for their actions," according to 7News.

Lawyers representing Kraft appeared in court last week to ask the judge to dismiss the case entirely, according to 7News.

“On the day of the accident, there’s no dispute that they illegally transported and possessed alcohol and ultimately abused it on the property,” said Douglas Fox, Kraft’s attorney via 7News.

Kraft’s lawyer told the judge no one in the parking lot served or sold alcohol to anyone who was tailgating while Davis' lawyer said event security did not do enough to address drinking outside the event.

Davis' family is seeking $2.5 million in damages and wants the case to go before a jury, according to 7News. Nina Houlihan, a friend of both victims who survived the 2008 crash, told 7News the three women had been "drinking all day" before she climbed into Latteo’s car with Debra Davis, and crashed into a tree, according to 7News. Houlihan is seeking $500,000 in damages.

The judge has taken the case under advisement.

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Since the tragic crash in 2008, security has tightened significantly at Gillette Stadium events as seen by the 102 arrests made at the 2012 Country Music Festival held at Gillette Stadium this past August.

Foxborough Police Chief Edward O'Leary said better preparation led to the 102 arrests and over 600 police-related incidents at the annual music festival in Foxborough.

In addition to better preparation, Gillette Stadium did not allow concertgoers into parking lots until 1:30 p.m. - three hours before the concert began - and did not allow tailgating after 5:30 p.m.


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