Hull Police Arrest Suspect in Wrentham Theft Case

The Hull Police Department arrested Stephen F. Deagle, who has been sought by the Wrentham Police on a felony warrant for a jewelry theft in town.


(The following information was provided by the Wrentham Police. Where an arrest or a charge was made, it does not indicate a conviction.)

The Wrentham Police Department is reporting on their Facebook page that Stephen F. Deagle, 33, a suspect in a jewelry theft at the Wrentham Outlets, was arrested last night by the Hull Police Department.

Police said, because of his parole violation status, he was not bailed. Deagle will be arraigned at Wrentham District Court for the theft at Zales. The continuing investigation is on-going and has identified a second suspect.

Deagle's last known address was 91 Main St., Quincy. Wrentham police had issued a felony arrest warrent for him

According to the Wrentham Police, the suspect is accused of stealing two gold bracelets from the Zales Jewelry Store at the Wrentham Mall on March 25, 2013 at 4:45 p.m. The two bracelets are valued at over $10,000.

Wrentham police allege Deagle walked in to the store and asked a salesperson to show him the two gold bracelets. When the clerk handed him the bracelets, Deagle fled the store and ran to his vehicle, a 2003 black Hyundai Tiburon. The vehicle then sped out of the parking lot.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video in the store and his getaway was captured on surveillance video in the parking lot, including the registration number on his vehicle. Police suspect he had an accomplice in the car.

Along with this incident, Deagle is a suspect in a similar theft at another jewelry store and has an outstanding warrant for a parole violation. He had been committed to a New Hampshire jail for approximately 16 months before his release on parole which occurred March 21, 2012.



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