Foxborough Man At Wrentham District Court to Face Attempted Murder Charge Following Domestic Disturbance

James M. Gallagher, 58, of Morse Street, Foxborough, was arrested by police on Sept. 30 after allegedly placing his left hand around the victim’s neck during a domestic disturbance and threatening to “slit her throat” with a knife, according to court do

A Foxborough man was arrested at his Morse Street home on September 30 and charged with attempted murder after allegedly placing his left hand around a woman's neck during a domestic disturbance and threatening to “slit her throat with a knife,” according to court documents.

James Gallagher, 58, of Morse Street in Foxborough was arraigned in Wrentham District Court Monday on the following charges: attempted murder, simple assault and battery, two counts assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and threat to commit a crime.

Gallagher was held without bail at Norfolk County Correctional Center following his arraignment and will appear again at Wrentham District Court Thursday morning for his detention hearing, according to court documents.

Foxborough Police officer David J. Foscaldo spoke with the alleged victim just after 11:30 p.m. Sunday, September 30 at the Foxborough Police station, according to police reports.

Officer Foscaldo reported he observed the victim was “in fear of [Gallagher]” during the conversation at the station, according to police reports.

The woman told officer Foscaldo Gallagher was “very drunk” during Sunday's incident, according to police reports, but domestic abuse has allegedly been an issue between the two for 26 years, police reports say.

On Sunday night, the woman told officer Foscaldo the argument started over money when Gallagher allegedly grabbed the kitchen table where the woman was sitting at and threw it on her, according to police reports. The force allegedly knocked the woman off her seat and onto her back.

The woman then told officer Foscaldo while she was laying on her back, Gallagher allegedly got on top of her, placed his left hand on her neck and held a lit cigarette in his right hand, according to police reports. Officer Foscaldo reported he observed small cigarette burns on the woman’s clothes while she was at the station, according to police reports.

The woman told police while Gallagher remained on top of her he allegedly kept saying “he was going to kill her,” according to Foscaldo’s report. The woman says Gallagher allegedly threatened to grab a knife in the kitchen while allegedly yelling, “I’m going to slit your throat,” according to police reports. Gallagher also allegedly told the woman “you will be dying tonight,” according to police reports.

Following officer Foscaldo’s conversation with the woman, Foxborough Police Sgt. Thibedeau and patrolmen Hoffman and Azevedo went to the Morse Street residence to arrest Gallagher, according to police reports.

Police took Gallagher into custody just before midnight and he was transported to the Foxborough Police station for processing. Patrolman Azevedo told Foscaldo that Gallagher “kept trying to maintain his innocence” and he “adamantly denied any wrongdoing,” according to police reports.

Police reports say Gallagher has had four adult arraignments dating back to 1977 and he has been formally charged in the past with assault and battery by means of a deadly weapon (ABDW) on at least two different/separate occasions.

ABDW can involve “virtually any item that can be used as a weapon - a rock, a plate, even a shod foot,” according to the Law Offices of William D. Kickham, ESQ. And Associates’ website.


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