Former Wrentham Co-Op Employee Charged With Taking Over $100,000 From Bank

Former Wrentham Co-operative employee Debra S. Antonitis was charged with three counts of mail fraud and one count of wire mail.

A North Attleboro woman has been charged with bank fraud for taking over $100,000 from Wrentham Co-operative Bank while serving as an employee.

The woman, Debra S. Antonitis, 45, is being charged with three counts of mail fraud and one count of wire mail.

According to the US Attorney's Office, Antonitis allegidly made 143 fraudulent transfers of funds through the records system of the bank when she was employed as a branch manager by the bank. Antonitis took approximately $112,385 though this method.

Allegedly, Antonitis was able to perform the transfers by making fictitious withdrawals from customers’ accounts and transferring the funds to herself in cash or in deposits to her own accounts. She allegedly made it appear that the customer made the withdrawals in order to cover up the crime.

If found guilty, Antonitis faces up to 30 years in prison, five years of supervised release and a $1 million fine.


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