Dispatcher That Handled Call for Rt. 1 Fatal Dragging Put on Paid Leave

The Wrentham police dispatcher that handled the initial call related to a fatal dragging on Route 1 in November has been put on administrative leave.

Deborah Finnegan, who has been a civilian dispatcher in Wrentham for over 15 years, was placed on leave after what investigators call an unintentional error according to WHDH.

On Nov. 18, 58-year-old Kanchanben Patel was dragged to death up Route 1 from the Arbor Inn in Wrentham to near Chickie Flynn's in Foxboro.

The initial call requesting a police cruiser concerning an unpaid bill came in though the business line eight minutes before the incident according to Wrentham Police. A cruiser was not sent until a 911 call came in after the Patel was run over.
Maynard Cliff February 25, 2014 at 08:53 PM
I've been quiet up until now, but something stinks in Wrentham. I was listening to my scanner at home that night. Why is there no mention about the (cardiac arrest/911 call) that this lady was dealing with at the same time this call came in for an "unpaid hotel bill"? Aren't they supposed to prioritize these multiple calls with the information they are given. What are they doing to this poor woman. Maybe they should supply dispatchers with a crystal ball too. I'm glad I don't work for the Town of Wrentham. Why is there only 1 person in that building when multiple emergency calls go down, to handle police, fire, ambulance, stay on the phone and question and direct people with assisting the sick and injured, state police and, mutual aid deptartments, dpw, electric communications. Should I go on. How much is one person expected to do. Maybe we should look at management, oh, we already did, he's the one pointing the finger on the news. Nice guy!! He'll probably be cheif someday. One more thing, what's taking regional dispatch so long, maybe someone should investigate that, and put a few people on administrative leave. That project should have been up and running long ago. How many more people have to die?


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