Child Pornography Arrest in Wrentham

Wrentham police announce child pornography arrest.

A Wrentham man was arrested on February 29 on child pornography charges, according to the .

The department has released the details of the arrest on its blog.

Edward Bourget, 49, of Blackberry Hill Road, was arrested on charges of disseminating child pornography and possession of child pornography.

According to police, the investigation began as part of undercover work on a website. An ad was placed on the site by police.

"The undercover ad suggested a 14 year old female was being offered to engage in sexual activities," the blog post reads.

Police alleged that Bourget responded to the ad and indicated that he was planning to travel to Florida to engage in the activities. Bourget reportedly went to the state in February 2012, but a meeting did not occur.

A search warrant was executed on Bourget's residence on Feb. 29. Police said evidence seized during the arrest (cameras, computers and other electronics) will be investigated at a crime laboratory in Norwood.

Bourget was released on $10,000 bail on March 1. Conditions of release, according to police, include wearing a GPS monitor and staying away from schools, playgrounds and children under 18.

Police said the arrest was the result of an investigation by several law enforcement agencies, including the department itself, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security and MetroLEC officers.


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