Question of the Day: Whose Jersey Will You Wear for the Super Bowl?

Do you have a lucky jersey?

Sports can make fools of us all.

I don't believe in luck or supernatural forces, yet I am utterly convinced that the Patriots win or lose based on what jersey I wear or where I sit on my couch.

I've had good luck with my home blue Drew Bledsoe jersey (for when the Pats are at Gillette) and my white Ben Coates jersey (for when they're away). If they need a karmic reversal at halftime, I'll switch jerseys.

So, Wrentham, which jersey (or strange ritual) do you wear to bring luck to the Patriots? Tell us in the comments.

Jeremie Smith February 01, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Home blue TB12 ... have worn it for every Patriots game since December 2001. I'm convinced it helped start the dynasty!


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