Letter to the Editor: Lamb Would 'Restore Balance'

The writer says the candidate 'has the backbone to fight the status quo.'

To the Editor:

Our state’s unemployment has jumped up for the third straight month. If we want to turn around our economy, the Commonwealth must be more business friendly. Only one candidate for state representative has a plan. That candidate is Marty Lamb.

As a small business owner and former vice president of New Jobs for Massachusetts, Marty has developed a five-point plan to help the small business community that creates three out of every four new jobs. He knows what it will take to get our economy rolling again. Marty is the only candidate with a plan to improve the business climate in Massachusetts. We need a leader, not a follower, at the State House.

We need balance in the State House. That means we need people to vote the issue, not the party.

On Nov. 6, I am looking forward to voting for Marty Lamb for state representative. Marty is the only candidate supporting a 13-point plan to restore integrity to the Legislature. He has the backbone we need to make a difference. 

There have been too many scandals at the State House. We need a leader who has the backbone to fight the status quo. Marty Lamb is the best person to represent us during these turbulent times.

I’m voting for Marty Lamb to restore balance, bring diversity, and much needed positive change to Beacon Hill.

Lisa Keefe


Jul Palladino November 05, 2012 at 02:34 PM
Marty Lamb is a successful small business owner who has managed really well and made all the right decisions in a lousy economy. That takes a keen understanding of business and how the economy works. He has the business experience and the ideas. He knows what it takes to create jobs in the private sector which are jobs that last. About 80% of jobs are in small business. Lamb is the one who brings the reality check to Beacon Hill, and that is sorely needed. He will bring private sector solutions to an institution that is stuck in reverse. We need to move forward with Marty Lamb and ideas that work !
Cynthia Cox November 05, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Marty Lamb supports a family and runs a small business and is well respected. We know him. He has many people knocking on his door and calling him up, and he always makes time to deal with each and every case with the utmost sincerity. This is the type of thinking we need on Beacon Hill. Someone who thinks outside the box and that's Marty Lamb. It will take fresh ideas and proposals and workable solutions to fix the financial mess we are in. It's time to replace the stagnation we have now. It's not getting us anywhere. Marty Lamb as State Representative Marty Lamb is the man who will contribute to the turnaround we need in the economy with his economic revival plan. Beacon Hill needs some street smarts from a man who knows what it takes from experience, background, and his own ingenuity. Marty Lamb brings all the right ingredients. That's the recipe for Beacon Hill - State Representative Marty Lamb
Joe Barbieri November 05, 2012 at 02:44 PM
This is why Citizens For Limited Taxation (CLT) endorsed Marty Lamb. They know who is the true friend of the taxpayer and that's Lamb. They are a terrific watchdog group. CLT really watches out for the taxpayer. Barbara Anderson is a Independent true and tireless champion for working families. A State Representative Marty Lamb will serve us well on Beacon Hill.


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