Its time for the Hockomock to leave Pop Warner behind

Its time for Hockomock to make the change away from Pop Warner to a grade based system.


As many of us have, I grew up in North Attleboro playing both Pop Warner and for NAHS.  I am a father now and my son plays Pop Warner in town.  The coaching and dedication of the volunteer staff is what we have all come to expect from a NA football organization.  Yes, we have a few that may take things to extreme from time to time, but over all I believe most are there for the right reasons and try to help all the kids learn the fundamentals of the game, develop a love for the game and have fun playing with their friends. 


However, it is becoming more clear that time has past by the Pop Warner league.  Focused on out dated and unsafe age/weight charts, we are turning away kids who want to play football and sending them to other towns to play like South Attleboro who do not have weight limits and group players by grade (sounds more like every other town sport? Grade based).


I have seen parents pushing kids to loose weight by unhealthy means. Whether by starvation or taping trash bags to help sweat off the pounds, kids are suffering, just to play against younger players or sometimes just to make a team.  This is very wrong and unhealthy and we need to put a stop to it.  


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