Speakers at Parade Urge Remembrance of Veterans

Memorial Day parade speakers included State Senator Richard Ross, State Rep. Daniel Winslow, town Veteran's Agent Ken Oles and Selectman Chairman Joseph Botaish.

Numerous speakers at Wrentham's Memorial Day ceremony Monday emphasized the importance of remembering the sacrifice of veterans.

Speeches were given at the Wrentham Center Cemetery as part of the town parade.

State Sen. Richard Ross praised the town's commitment to remembering its veterans.

"Wrentham has probably one of the best turnouts of any of the towns I have the privilege to visit," he said.

He spoke about the purpose of the holiday.

"Today is an opportunity to remember the fallen and recommit ourselves to the ideals they served," he said. "As we take the time to reflect on those who have been lost, we should also think about who they might have become had they come back."

State Rep. Daniel Winslow talked about the meaning of sacrifice, citing the dictionary definition as "the destruction of something prized for the sake of something with a higher or more pressing claim."

"What could possibly be higher than life itself?" he said. "In our democracy, it's freedom."

"Their sacrifice was their gift to freedom, and our gift to them is to never forget," he added.

Wrentham Veteran's Agent Ken Oles said he was proud of the town's youth.

"It's so refreshing to see so many of the younger generation not turn around and talk when they see the flag pass by, but put their hands on their hearts," he said.

Selectman Joseph Botaish, in addition to speaking about the value of veterans, thanked all those who had made the event a success, including the town Department of Public Works.

Check out a and from the parade.


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