Wrentham's Smarter Than Most of the United States

As a far the rest of the country goes, Wrentham is at the top in college education.

Compared to the rest of the United States, Wrentham residents are the smart kids in the class when it comes to education. 

The town ranked higher than the rest of the United States in education, according to data reported by Neighborhood Scouts.

According to the study, 47.24-percent of Wrentham's 25-and-older population hold at least a bachelor's degree. The United States' average is 21.84-percent.

In Wrentham, 85.18-percent of the workforce is employed in white-collar jobs, which is well-above the national average. 

Wrentham also has 95-percent of its people working in math and computers, which ranks at the top.

Here's the job breakdown:

Office and administrative support: 13.89-percent

Sales: 13.82-percent

Management occupations: 12.38-percent

The average commute for a Wrentham resident is 31 miles, which is longer than more of the United States.

The 2010 per capita income was $44.454, is wealthy compared to Massachusetts and the rest of the nation. For a family of four, the annual income was $177,816. 

One other thing from the report is the Wrentham's overall crime rate is lower than the average. 


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