Winter Storm Warning, Advisory In Effect for Area Tuesday

The worst of the weather is expected to hit during the morning commute, according to forecasts.

It will be one messy commute for residents in Wrentham Tuesday morning. 

Anywhere from 2-4 inches will fall in Wrentham, according to WHDH Weather, with some areas west receiving anywhere from 4-8 inches. Snow is expected to mix with sleet and rain inland by midday.

A winter storm warning was put into effect for Western Norfolk County from 2 p.m. Monday p.m. through 11 a.m. Tuesday. Meanwhile, a winter storm advisory was put into effect for Eastern Norfolk County through 8 p.m. Tuesday, according to WHDH.

The good news? Tuesday's storm isn't classified as any of the following, according to WHDH Chief Meteorologist Pete Bouchard: a nor'easter, a blockbuster storm (which indicates more than one foot of snow), a coastal flooding event, a storm that will cause major power outages, or a storm that is long in duration.

Drivers are cautioned, however, to remain vigilant and safe during the morning commute, when the storm is expected to be the messiest. 


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