Should Native American Mascots be Removed from Mass High Schools?

Oregon and Washington State have banned the use of Native American Mascots. Should King Philip do the same?

As part of an effort to close what Washington state education officials call a "widening gap" between Native American students and their white counterparts, the Washington State Board of Education is asking all schools in that state to do away with Native American mascots.

Seattle’s King5.com reported, “Education officials point to studies that show self-esteem issues among Native American students.” Last May, neighboring state Oregon’s Board of Education voted to ban Native American mascots, nicknames and logos.

According to the American Indian Cultural Support website, in Massachusetts there are currently 29 high schools that have Native American mascots– including 16 Indians, nine Warriors, two Red Raiders, one Redskins and one Braves.

Do you think similar efforts to ban the use of Native American mascots and logos should be made in Massachusetts? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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