Google Business Photos- A Virtual Tour Of Your Business Using Street View Technology

My name is Wayne Goldstein and I am a contractor for Google 360 business photography here in Boston.


Chroma360 brings Google Street View technology directly into businesses allowing the end user to experience a completely interactive, 360 degree virtual tour of your Retail Shop, Salons, Spa’s, Doctor’s offices, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Hotels etc. When a potential customer does a Google search on your establishment they will have the option to actually see the inside in a virtual tour. Imagine being able to walk into the nightclub, bar or restaurant or a doctor’s office without leaving your desk or before making and appointment or reservation.


Here are some of the brass tacks -


*One Time - Service fees for photography are a one time charge. No renewal fees, no annual fees, no hidden fees; period.  Pricing is based solely on the number of camera positions required to fully showcase your business.  Fees also cover 'point of interest' photography which is easily incorporated into your Google+ account. If there comes a time where you would like to reshoot for new inventory, etc, we are more than happy to accommodate.


*Google Rankings - The Google engine considers a 360 degree tour the highest form of imagery SEO, instantly improving your organic rankings.


*You Own It - You own all the copyrights of the imagery.  Incorporate the 360 tour into your website, social media, existing marketing collateral, or even your Facebook page. 


I have attached a short video on the technology for you to see how this works.



For more information please visit www.chroma360.net or


We would love to add your establishment to our long list of clients.


Thank you for your time.

Wayne Goldstein



31 Vinal Avenue Unit 1

Somerville, MA 02143

(617) 283-8284


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