Major Wood Stove Changeout Program announced this week

The American Lung Association of the Northeast and Kirley Masonry & Stove Emporium in Mansfield MA will partner in an effort to improve air quality and public health by launching a new program that will encourage replacement of high-polluting, low efficiency wood stoves and hydronic heaters. A major changeout program  will be announced that will benefit homeowners throughout Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth counties as well homeowners residing in Connecticut and Rhode Island. 

Old, high polluting low efficiency wood stoves and hydronic heaters have a detrimental effect on both indoor and outdoor air quality.  Replacing these units with new  cleaner burning, more efficient EPA -certified stoves is key to improving air quality and ensuring that all of us,  especially people with lung diseases like asthma, COPD and lung cancer,  have clean air to breathe.

Please visit www.kirleymasonry.com for more information.


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