Wrentham's Omega Pizza Crazy About Calzones

Peanut butter and jelly calzone? It's been tried.

Omega Pizza in Wrentham has tried many firsts in the culinary arts, and while they aren’t always successes, they are indeed firsts.

While some of Jennifer Fontaine’s creations in calzones have become really popular, such as the giant calzone, the shepherd’s pie, or the chicken dinner, the peanut butter and jelly calzone was not as popular.

“I mean I’ll try anything,” she said.

Fontaine has been managing Wrentham’s Omega Pizza about a decade and said she loves the town. She said the restaurant deals in many different tastes, sometimes simple can be best. She said their many varieties of buffalo chicken are the best in sales.

“It’s our best seller,” she said. “We sell 4,500 pounds a week. We’ve done pretty much everything we could possibly do with buffalo.”

She said the popularity has come back around to her in some strange ways. She said that she was at a party in Pawtucket and the host had actually, unknowingly, bought one of Omega’s giant eight pound, 25 slice party calzone.

“The lady was talking about our calzones,” Fontaine said. “She said every party [she’s] went to has had them.”

Some of the customers even go to impressive lengths to get their favorite slice. One of her former regulars was recently stationed in Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and had a number of calzones shipped.

She also said she offers thermal bags with any hot meal for the college students who bring back their food to distant cold campuses up in New Hampshire and Maine.

“I think that sets us apart from a regular pizza place,” she said.

Fontaine said that though she has more than a few very loyal customers, it usually starts off as kids and then develops from there.

“The kids start in middle school,” she said. “They go to high school, they go off to college and they come back and they’re in their 20s. During spring break or February vacation they can still come in and spend five bucks if they’re short on money and they can have their calzone.”

Fontaine said experimentation and just plain old cooking is the reason she still works at Omega.

“All our stuff’s homemade,” she said. “Our sauces, our soups, we make spinach pies and we don’t use a whole lot of bagged anything. We have bagged wings, some people like that, but I also make fresh wings every week.”

Fontaine said that one other aspect of the shop that’s different is that they have a pickup window.


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