DISH OF THE WEEK: Stoneforge Raspberry Salmon

The perfect contrast in flavors makes this dish special.

Each week, we'll feature a different dish at a local restaurant. If you have a suggestion for a local dish, email Patrick.Maguire@patch.com

The in Easton may be known for its steaks, burgers and sandwiches, but it is a seafood dish that Executive Chef Vasilios Papas says is among the most popular.

Raspberry Salmon was brought to the Stoneforge location in Easton last summer after a successful run in Raynham.

Papas said the dish was an instant hit.

"Its one of the more popular, visually appealing items on the menu," he said. "Its pan-seared, hand-cut and not frozen."

Papas, who is an Easton native and 2001 graduate, said the salmon is among his favorite dishes to prepare. He worked in Raynham before taking on his new role at the Easton location.

Like all of the restaurant's meats, the Stoneforge aims for a fresh taste with its salmon, he said.

Adding a raspberry flavor plays well with the fish's fatty texture.

"Theres a lot of people that put salsas on it," Papas said. "We decided to put raspberry on it and it worked. The raspberry has a tart quality to it and the salmon is fatty so it plays really well together."

The fresh salmon with raspberry glaze is prepared with tangerines. The fruit adds another fruit flavor to contrast the taste of the fish.

Papas recommended drinking a Samuel Adams seasonal beer with the salmon. He said the citrus flavor of the beer would play well with the fruit and fish.


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