DISH OF THE WEEK: Maguire's Jambalaya

A Super Bowl specialty at Maguire's is featured in this week's Dish of the Week.

Beginning this week, we'll feature a different dish at a local restaurant. If you have a suggestion for a local dish, email Patrick.Maguire@patch.com

Ever since Boston radio personality Eddie Andelman made the term "Jambalaya" synonymous with the Super Bowl for New Englanders during the 1996-1997 football season, the spicy Cajun dish has been a favorite in the New England area.

It has also been a staple for Super Bowl season at

"It's a must when the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, but it's kind of become a tradition," owner and chef Neil Levine said.

Andelman, formerly a radio host on WEEI, used the term "Jambalaya" during the Patriots quest to play in the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 1997. It symbolized a desire to get to New Orleans and could be found on bumper stickers, t-shirts and hats.

While the Pats are playing in this year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis, the Jambalaya tradition at Maguire's still exists, and it will be served this weekend and during the restaurant's Super Bowl party Sunday.

Levine's jambalaya features diced grilled chicken, sausage, shrimp, rice, diced vegetables and a specialty red sauce.

As the dish is derived from Louisiana, the red sauce adds an extra Cajun spice.

"It's just spicy enough so you can still taste the flavor," Levine said.

Levine recommends ordering the Maguire's winter seasonal beer with the jambalaya. The bar is currently serving winter style ale with a hint of seasonal nutmeg.

In addition to Super Bowl season, the dish is served periodically throughout the year and during Maris Gras week.


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