6 Questions With the Terrace Cafe

Terrace Cafe owner Nancy Lockwood recently sat down with Patch to talk about the opening of Wrentham's newest restaurant.

Recently, Terrace Cafe owner Nancy Lockwood took the time to chat with Patch about her new restaurant at Wrentham Center. The establishment, run by her and her son Josh, has been open for about a couple of weeks now. The Terrace Cafe is open daily from 7 a.m. to midnight and features live music on the Weekends.

Where did the idea of starting the Terrace Cafe come from?

“The idea came when my son and I, when he was in Afghanistan, we kinda talk over the phone about doing a business. We talked about it and we kept brain storming and that is what we would talk about when he was over there instead of what he was seeing over there. It was something that we’ve always wanted to do but we used it as a distraction.”

Do you have any other restaurant experience?

“I had a bakery down in Provincetown. We did very well but we wanted something year round, something around here.”

How has the feedback been?

“We’ve been working out the kinks with staff and everything but it’s been really good. People seem to be really positive and the feedback we’re getting is that we really need something like this in town.”

What separates Terrace Cafe from other restaurants?

“Our food is different. I think the sandwiches that we offer are different from a lot of the ones around here. The fact that we have the terrace, the fact that we have pastries from the North End, and a pastries chef. We have beer and wine, I feel like we have the whole package.”

If you had to suggest one item on your menu, what would it be?

“The watermelon salad. It’s watermelon, mango, argula with all our home made dressing. All our dressings are house made.”

How important was it to team up with the Wounded Warriors Project?

“It was huge. My son is a veteran and one of the waiters here is a veteran so it’s enormous to us. We’ll be doing something with the Wounded Warriors Project where that day when we decide to do it is whatever beer it is, a percentage of that will go to the Wounded Warriors project.”

To learn more about the Terrace Cafe, check out their page on Facebook.


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