West Nile Found in Nearby Franklin

The West Nile virus has found its way to nearby Franklin according to the Massachusetts Department of Health.

Officials from the Massachusetts Department of Health have announced that the West Nile virus has been found in Franklin. The announcement comes after mosquitoes collected in the town on August 22 show traces of the virus.

In addition to Franklin, the virus was also found in Bellingham and Medway.

Residents as advised to avoid any activity in Franklin between dusk and dawn which is the peak time for mosquito activity.

Those who are outside during the evening are advised to wear long sleeve shirts and pants to lower the chance of mosquito bites and use a repellent that contains 30% DEET. 

While those who are bitten by an infected mosquito have an 80% chance of experiencing no symptoms, some may experience symptoms that include a fatigue, headache, fever, aches, a rash, and swollen lymph glands.

In extreme cases, death can occur although only 66 of the 1,590 cases in the United States this year have resulted in death.  In Massachusetts, there have been three cases with no reported deaths.

Despite the virus finding its way to Franklin, the Massachusetts Department of Health rates the risk level for Wrentham, Norfolk, and Plainville as "low" as of August 28, 2012.


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